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Nutrition and Your Brain
For 26 years my Chiropractic office has centered on the Central Nervous System. Most folks image of Chiropractic is that chiropractors treat back pain and adjust bones (joints.) That approach may be true for many chiropractors, but early in my career, I came to realize that the spine houses and protects the spinal cord and what we call the “spinal cord” is actually an extension of the brain, so the spinal cord could actually be looked at as the “Lower Brain” or better yet, “The Brainal Cord.” Viewing the Central Nervous System from a tonal or vibrational approach, I came to realize that the patients I saw with extreme muscle tension, anxiety, shortness of breath, stiffness and rigidity of their spines, also complained of digestive issues; bloating, gas, distended stomach, bowel problems etc.   It also became a pattern of recognizing their immune systems were compromised and struggling with frequent colds, low energy, skin rashes, allergies, and such. My wheelhouse had always been upgrading, activating and restructuring the spine and hence, influencing the “Higher Brain” as well. I have recognized that if I am going to have the greatest positive influence on my patients entire nervous system, than I have to address the nutritional component as well. You see our brain and our gut are in a symbiotic relationship. If my work as a Network Chiropractor is creating amazing spines and brains, then I have to address the gut in conjunction with the spine and the brain. The brain has direct neurological links to the gut and the gut is 77% of our immune system, so my wheelhouse is the spine and the Central Nervous System. The brain influences the gut; the gut feeds the brain and is 75-80% of our immunity. BINGO! The last five years, I have had hundreds of hours of research and training to help our patients nutritionally, with functional nutrition for gut health, immune support, detoxification, maximizing brain function and more. Along with Network Spinal Analysis (gentle, tonal and profoundly life changing chiropractic) and nutrition, we are helping people go beyond what they thought was possible, and to facilitate that, our office resources the very best, highest quality, most bio-available supplements and nutraceuticals.    

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