Infared Sauna

Improve overall health and well being

  After a session in the infrared sauna you will feel more relaxed and rested after you’re done, and the heat helps relieve sore muscles and improves your overall health and well-being.

But if the high temperatures of a traditional sauna are just too much for you to handle, an infrared sauna may offer the benefits of a sauna without the extreme heat.

This High Tech Health exclusive feature maximizes oxygen and minimizes carbon dioxide in the cabin. In the enclosed space of a sauna, carbon dioxide levels rise rapidly and it is important to keep the air healthy to maximize the body’s ability to detoxify itself.


Without fresh air, other saunas can leave you feeling tired and claustrophobic.


Benefits of Infrared

Infrared wavelengths penetrate and create heat within the body, which produces profound therapeutic benefits. By increasing the flow of blood to the muscles and delivering more pure oxygen, more energy to heal is created.

Reduce Inflammation

Infrared saunas and traditional saunas are amazing at reducing inflammation. Far-infrared saunas and traditional saunas use heat to reduce inflammation. Saunas increase circulation of blood in the body and this causes stiff muscles to relax.   Heat from the sauna will cause muscles and joints to relax and after a few short minutes, the inflammation will be eased, reducing the stiffness and pain.


While your infrared spa is doing what it does best and making you sweat, you are also getting rid of tons of harmful toxins that build up in your body (lead, mercury, nickel, etc.). This also helps expel alcohol, nicotine, and other compounds.

Strengthened Immune System

The full spectrum heating power of NeoSauna Infrared Spas penetrates the body and raises its core body temperature. Raising the core temperature induces an artificial fever, which naturally accelerates the body’s immune response.

Joint Pain Relief

Stiffness, aches, and soreness can be greatly reduced with the application of radiant heat. NeoSauna Infrared Spas can help reduce or eliminate arthritis, sprains, muscle spasms, joint pain, and many other ailments.

Weight Loss

Regular sauna use has a similar effect to the cardiovascular system as running or other cardio activities. While you are relaxing comfortably in your NeoSauna Infrared Sauna, your body is working hard to circulate blood, sweat, and burn calories.

Skin Beautification

The process of sweating that disposes of harmful toxins also helps remove dead skin cells and skin impurities, leaving a much healthier skin while drawing the skins healthy nutrients to the surface. Infrared exposure is also beneficial in reducing acne, eczema, and healing wounds.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects millions of people all over. The side-effects of S.A.D. typically come at the changing of seasons and causes a depressive state. Regular use of infrared saunas replaces the nutrients the body is lacking during the darker, winter months.

Chronic Inner Ear Infections

Infrared sauna therapy sessions can open nasal passages and assist the sinuses in draining slowing speed of infection throughout the ear.