What is an Entrainment?

Network Spinal Analysis is different than traditional chiropractic which focuses on physically adjusting or realigning the spine. Instead of trying to mechanically adjust or align the spine through manipulation of the vertebra, a Network Chiropractor focuses on using breath with the body and understating the physical, emotional and mental factors related to the tension pattern and then seeks to locate the specific points on the spine that will help the body resolve this tension with a small amount of focused pressure (touch). Network Chiropractic uses breath and low force, specific touches along the spinal area to locate and release energy stored in the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones. With Network Chiropractic, office treatments are called entrainments. The entrainment process allows your nervous system to release tensions while developing new strategies and retrain your nervous system and by extension, your body/mind, to function more effectively. Physical manipulation such as cracking, popping or adjusting is not needed.   With NSA entrainments, two healing waves develop. One is a breathing wave that releases tension in the spine which usually results in a feeling of relaxation for the practice member as the connective tissue around the spinal cord releases tension and relaxes. The second wave is associated with movement of the spine. The two waves occur spontaneously in response to the gentle touches to the spine and produce enhanced spinal motion and typically feelings of better wellbeing overall as the nervous system reorganizes and develops new strategies for experiencing and releasing tension on its own.

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