Access your greatest resource: the Energy that heals your physical,
mental and emotional being!

Have you tried everything to resolve your physical or emotional health problems without success? Are you wondering if these issues could be connected to emotional trauma, stress, or your nervous system? Are you seeking less pain, fewer headaches, an improved mood, a more extraordinary life, and reduced fear and anxiety?

My Journey as a Chiropractor

My journey as a chiropractor began in 1979 after I injured myself lifting weights at the gym, straining my lower back and neck. Seeking relief, I decided to visit a chiropractor for the first time. The doctor took an X-ray to show me where I was out of alignment, then laid me on an adjusting table and adjusted my neck and lower back.

As I lay there, I felt a pop in my neck and noticed almost immediately that my pain had lessened. But what truly amazed me was when I left the office: my sense of smell had become stronger, and my vision had noticeably improved. I saw the world more clearly. This powerful and unusual experience convinced me that I wanted to become a chiropractor, even though I had no idea what that journey would entail. By 1991, I had been practicing for about four years. I worked in a multidisciplinary office alongside an orthopedic surgeon, a podiatrist, a neurologist, and another chiropractor. This gave me a solid understanding of both medicine and the basics of chiropractic care.

However, I began to notice that while my patients experienced pain relief, their lives weren’t fundamentally changing. This dissatisfaction drove me to seek deeper knowledge within chiropractic. I heard about Network Chiropractic from a friend and decided to attend the first seminar on the West Coast. There, I met Donald Epstein, the founder and developer of Network Chiropractic. Those three days I transformed my paradigm and the trajectory of my career. I learned about the dormant power within me and experienced what it felt like to awaken it. It was a transformational experience.

Over the next 20 years, I traveled extensively, learning from Dr. Epstein at seminars and retreats. I am forever grateful for the time I spent mastering the Network approach to healing. Now, after an incredible 33-year career as a Network Chiropractor, I have had the honor of working with tens of thousands of people. Although I continue to attend seminars, I have learned even more from my extensive hands-on experience with my patients. I have witnessed countless lives transform simply by helping people connect to their own Innate energy systems. This journey has been profoundly rewarding, and I remain committed to helping others discover the powerful healing potential within themselves.

Dr Michael Whelan - NSA Chirpractor

Coherence in Healing: Achieving Wholeness Through Network Spinal

A healthy system is created by more than just its individual parts. It is the energy that connects them, forming one congruent whole. This is where the magic of life happens. The energy efficiency that organizes productivity and functional oneness is called coherence.

NSA/Network Spinal is a chiropractic healing approach that uses gentle contacts made on and around your spine, known as entrainments, to initiate a sensory-motor response (movement and alignment) and an emotional-motor response (movement connected to a held feeling). This process results in a deeper and clearer perception and connection between your higher brain and body.

Imagine your body as a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scattered on a table. Now, picture all the pieces coming together, fitting snugly in place to create a clear portrait. Feel the difference in your mind. The adjustments guide the puzzle that is your body, mind, and emotions to fit together, creating an embodied experience and becoming more than the sum of your physical parts—achieving true wholeness.

In a Quality of Life Study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine, the results highlighted significant improvements across various health and wellness parameters for over 2,800 participants under Network care in the U.S. and abroad. The study, which integrates both biomedical and wellness models, revealed:

  • Reduced physical pain and stiffness
  • Enhanced positive self-perception
  • Improved stress response
  • Increased feelings of joy and compassion towards others
  • Fewer occurrences of colds and flu

These findings underscore the significant benefits of Network care in promoting holistic health and well-being. Participants experienced not only physical improvements but also positive emotional and psychological changes, highlighting the comprehensive impact of this integrated approach to health care.

Your Path to Health: Comprehensive Spinal Assessment and Personalized Care Plan

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    New Patient’s 1st Visit

    During your initial visit, we will use non-invasive technology to scan your spine. This evaluation will analyze your muscular and nervous systems, as well as your posture, and assess how these components function together as a unit. Following the scans, you will have a private consultation with Dr. Whelan to discuss your health history and specific needs. Afterward, you will have your first session, during which Dr. Whelan will make an initial assessment of your spine and nervous system.

    Second Visit

    You will return for your second visit within a week to complete the assessment of your spine. This session will take place in a small group setting, with up to three patients, and will last between 35-45 minutes. During this visit, Dr. Whelan will finalize his evaluation and share a personalized care plan with you, outlining the recommended number of sessions per week and the duration of your treatment.