What is Network Spinal Analysis?

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What is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

If you are ready to be empowered to positively impact your health and well-being I am here to assist you with your wellness goals. NSA Chiropractic is uniquely designed to work with your spine and nervous system, critical components to your body/mind and how we live and experience our daily lives.

Dr. Whelan

There is an organizing intelligence in all living things. This intelligence takes human beings from 2 cells to trillions of cells in nine months. This intelligence allows 200,000 chemical reactions to take place every moment in US 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This same intelligence takes food we put in our mouth and turns it into the supportive tissue you call your body. Stop to consider the power of this organizing intelligence that we just take for granted.

How much of this process are we truly aware of? And if were able to bring it into our awareness, would we be able to make it more a part of our everyday life and have it as an amazing resource, to help us realize optimal health and life? What we recently understand is that our physical body and physiology is being fueled by powerful organizing energy that supports and nourishes every cell in our body, organ cells, muscle cells, nerve and brain cells are made of these impulses and energies. We are also discovering that when there is interference to this organizing energy, it impacts the health of every organ in our body.

Back and Neck Pain

Do you feel fear?

The muscle tension held in our neck, mid and lower back is controlled by the messages sent from and through our Central Nervous System. Any attempt to adjust, massage or sedate with drugs, a local or non-local muscle spasm usually will not be effective or sustainable over even a short period of time. As long as the higher brain sends the tighten response, most efforts will fail. The Network Spinal Analysis approach is not to “confront” the spasm, but to gently and organically talk to the Higher Brain to change

its “conversation” with that particular area and other areas as well to “let go” in a sustainable way as if a

“reset” button was finally hit.

Lack of Mental Clarity

Do you experience a lack in mental clarity?

90% of the Brains Energy goes towards holding our body upright in space against gravity. When you experience postural distortion it becomes a BRAIN DRAIN that is; it takes even more energy to move your body through life. Network Spinal Analysis is another technology which allows our internal signals to help reorganize our physical structure into a much greater field of organization, improving posture even after years of BRAIN DRAIN. With greater functionality of our physical structure, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) frees up energy towards creativity, imagination and mental clarity- as reported by people receiving Network Spinal Analysis care.

Digestive Discomfort

It all starts in the gut

With high amounts of stress, our nervous system shifts blood and function from our digestive system, reproductive organs to the large muscles – this is the fight or flight response! When the system gets stuck in the “defend and protect” response, our digestive and reproductive systems can break down.  This will manifest as: heartburn, irritable bowel, diarrhea, constipation, bloating etc.


Beyond chronic muscle pain and daily fatigue, fibromyalgia is a neurological disorder. Fibromyalgia is an inability for the nervous system to process pain signals. It causes significant pain. As if that isn’t enough, this capacity of the brain is also linked to mental clarity and emotional stability. This is why a wide range of secondary conditions can emerge like muscle spasms, weakness, nerve pain, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, depression and anxiety. Common treatment includes medication and psychotherapy, but if it is due to the neurological system affecting the physical body, results will be limited and temporary. Our approach is to assess and correct the underlying neurological dysfunction. WE are also able to upgrade the nervous system to better adapt to future stressors. As we get to the root of things, you can resolve the challenges and live your life in a peak state!


Do you suffer from headaches?

Altered blood flow, muscle tension, body chemistry, brain wave activity and an imbalance in hormones may actually manifest as a secondary condition such as tension headaches, migraines, sinus and cluster headaches. If you are seeking a solution to any of these issues, it would be prudent to have your neurological system accessed to determine if it is the underlying cause. We have the experience and the technology to help determine if the underlying stress to your neurological system and your body’s inability to adapt to accumulative stress is the problem. Call us to see if Network Spinal Analysis is the solution to your problem.


Do you feel fear?

Anxiety is actually another word for FEAR. The word “Anxiety” translates to “any exit” It is a feeling that is downloaded and expressed in the nerve tissue, muscle tissue, and even organ tissue of the body.  By addressing the internal switch of our Central Nervous System, we are able to assist in reorganizing that stress response in your body from fear to safety.

Personal Growth

Find a higher purpose

2% of our brain power is rational and under conscious control. The remaining 98% is non-rational and connected to our limbic system, which is our emotional motor center, autonomic nervous system and our spine (90% of usage.) Our deepest challenges arrive from it and our greatest potential resources lie buried in it. We can help correct and activate this phenomenal resource.

Increased Energy

Stop feeling drained

We are designed to handle and adapt to different amounts of stress. Physical, chemical, mental and emotional stress in today’s world can overwhelm us, especially with today’s technology of information overload right at our fingertips. Now more than ever our minds and bodies crash and burn! Common solutions are caffeine, prescription drugs and sleep medications. These eventually cause more of a drain. Our approach invigorates, stimulates and activates your internal resourcefulness and increases your adaptability factor to more easily handle your daily stressors and contributes to a greater night sleep.

Strengthening Immunity

Struggling with autoimmune disease?

When we are in a “constant” state our neurological system and immune system are popping 24/7 until exhaustion sets in. It is what is known as “fight or flight.” At this moment in time, this is the 21 st model of living. Neuro and systems overload combined with mega toxicity appears to be a major cause of disease not only in adults, but in our children as well. The body literally turns on itself as it becomes to
discern the difference between “self” and “threat.” Secondary conditions can emerge such as thyroid disease, metabolic dysfunction, skin rashes, muscle pain and chronic inflammation. Our approach is to help connect any underlying neural and structural aberrations that may be contributing to the autoimmune disease. If you’re struggling with autoimmune disease our approach is to assess for it and
if present, release and reset any underlying neuro/structural energy drain(s) that may be contributing to the autoimmune disorder.

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    Utilizing 21st-century hands-on technology known as Network Spinal Analysis.

    NSA is a gentle, safe and powerful chiropractic approach which guides the body back to its natural state of ease, harmony, and wholeness. Through a series of contacts (adjustments) in a specific sequence, in a specific location and with a specific amount of force, the brain/body connection is enhanced, allowing the neuro-myofascial (nerves, muscles, tissues) systems to harmonize and reset.

    As the decades of tension and resistance is organically dissipated and the body’s armor drops, clarity and wholeness are revealed. A profound experience of connection and peace follows.

    Wellness studies have shown incredible changes in the clients Quality of Life factors, not the least of which is complete resolution of pain. But, even beyond pain resolving, persons under NSA care have shown to enjoy life more, make healthier choices and adapt to stress in a more healthy way.

    In addition to NSA, we also incorporate Somato Respiratory Integration. SRI is another inner technology developed by Donald Epstein. SRI uses breath, touch, movement and awareness to facilitate wholeness and health, and empowers clients with the tools and resources to use daily at home. SRI transports the body/mind to deeper levels of clarity and healing.

    Darwin noted that cooperation, not competition, allowed organisms to evolve…