Root Cause Protocol

Welcome to the Root Cause Protocol!

You are about to embark on a journey, a new approach to health. The RCP is a step-by-step protocol designed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress at the cellular level. By restoring balance to the key minerals in your body, e.g. magnesium, copper, and iron, you can optimize and increase your energy levels and vitality. 

The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) was developed by Morley Robbins, who transformed a career in the mainstream medical industry into a quest to learn the fundamental components of a healthy metabolism. Since 2009, he has pored over books, manuals, and thousands of scholarly articles in this pursuit. After he realized the powerful role magnesium plays in all metabolic systems, he went on to learn that copper partners with magnesium to produce the energy that gives us life. The RCP is the culmination of his efforts and is revolutionary in its approach to health from a truly holistic perspective, by looking at the whole organism (your body!) and how all the elements work together, rather than limiting the focus to isolated nutrients or specific conditions.

Restoring balance is a big undertaking, so the goal of this Handbook is to break the protocol down into small and manageable steps. It may look overwhelming at first glance, but taken at your own pace, one step at a time, it soon becomes a lifestyle that you happily integrate because you are feeling better.

RCP Key Principles

  1. The RCP works from a perspective of health rather than disease. Oxidative stress stemming from disruptions in mitochondrial energy production is the starting point to disease conditions. Supporting the body’s energy creation and flow allows healing to occur at all levels and in all systems.
  1. The RCP favors “strengthening the host”, as opposed to “attacking the guest”, in regard to pathogens and toxins of all kinds. A body in optimal health is better able to withstand invaders, and “attack” strategies can deplete the body’s resources and undermine its innate immune system.
  1. While mainstream practitioners seek to flood the body with isolated, synthetic versions of nutrients that register as “low” on standard lab testing, the RCP looks to why those nutrients are low, and focuses on supplying the building blocks required to balance all elements naturally.
  1. As much as possible, the RCP recommends that nutrients come from fresh organic food. Synthetic nutrients lack the enzymes and cofactors that occur naturally in whole foods to aid in their digestion, assimilation and activation in the body.

Dr. Whelan is certified as a Root Cause Protocol practitioner. 

The distinctiveness of this protocol lies in utilizing specific blood labs, and if needed, it includes hair analysis testing as well.

For a deeper dive into the science behind the RCP, call the office for the resources – 949-581-5231.