Dear Dr. Whelan: It has been my great fortune to learn about participating in Network and particularly under the expertise of you. With Dr. Whelan’s knowledge and sincere commitment to natural healing; my health, mentally, emotionally and physically has improved beyond comparison. My sleep patterns have changed tremendously and the need to use over-the-counter pain killers and sleep aids has been eliminated. With continued improvement I look forward to complete recovery. Thank you Dr. Whelan.

PS. Orange County


When I called Dr. Whelan’s office for an appointment, I had no idea what to expect. My referral was from a person who had only hear positive comments about Dr. Whelan’s work. I was willing and even eager to try anything that would relieve my back pain which also produced running pain down my right leg. Prior to seeing Dr. Whelan, I had an epideural, was treated by two chiropractors and received physical therapy for four months. After my first or second session, my sciatic nerve pain totally disappeared. Since my fourth session, I have never awakened with pain because I changed from one position to the other during the night. I still feel some slight back pain when I sit for long periods of time in “unhealthy chairs”. I usually have days of no pain now and this is only my fourth or fifth visit! Now I’m off to Europe, the trip I was afraid I would not be able to make six months ago — reminds me of “when the student is ready, (or in my case, desperate enough,) the teacher appears.

JL Orange County


Dear Dr. Whelan and Staff: I truly wish that everyone could have the opportunity to experience NSA. I had no idea what kind of changes to expect. I had conversed with others in the office and all had different kinds of healing experiences and I wondered if I would have any changes. At the beginning many things entered my mind. I wondered if I was too much in control and maybe nothing would happen. Then I compared it to a Hula Hoop which I was never able to do. I am an R.N. with 40 years of continual nursing. I have had neck pain and stiffness for 25 years possibly from sitting in one position too long. Last year I had breast cancer and have had pain in my hands and feet. Over the years I’ve tried medication and traditional chiropractic treatment. This helped me get some short-term pain relief. Several years ago I started NSA with Dr. Whelan. To my surprise I have experienced awesome changes. My neck and back are flexible and almost completely free of any pain. I have greater awareness of my body’s needs and requirements. It craves exercise which I’ve been able to start with much more ease than before. On the table I feel my spine is dancing to the rhythm of breath, music and life energies. It is true, when we become flexible everything around us flows. This is so awesome and it doesn’t stop here. The healing is ongoing. We have no idea what lies ahead. I love the now, feel happy and excited and alive. Thank you so very much Dr. Whelan. This is truly a beautiful gift. Love and Many Blessings

Orange County


Dear Dr. Whelan: Thanks to you and our loving creator, my health/condition has improved tremendously. Your love and genuine concern for people’s well-being are an evident quality. I thank you sincerely, for sharing your love and knowledge, with my family and I, thus giving us the opportunity to have better health. We are very grateful to you and this network. Ever since November 9th my life and health circumstances changed dramatically. I was diagnosed with a cerebellar tumor/hemangloblastoma. This is a large mass in the vermian part of the cerebellum which was causing dizziness and nausea. In addition, I was also diagnosed with an aneurysm. Due to this mass and its location, I had a surgery performed to try to remove this tumor. Only 90% of it was removed. This surgery caused me to lose a lot of my neck mobility and my balance or equilibrium was pretty much gone. The medication also caused swelling in my brain, my body retained fluid and I experienced a slowness neurologically. Sleep was also a problem. Basically I felt miserable and had constant pain in my neck. Finally, after 4 years of my sister trying to share with me about Network Spinal Analysis and your practice did I listen and come in. I wish I’d done this long ago. I thank God and the ability of Dr. Whelan to assist people in feeling sooooo good! It’s been almost 3 months since the surgery and with 2 months of NSA care, the way I’m feeling is truly incredible. I am able to walk without having someone with me at all times. I am able to sleep better, my neck has regained most of its mobility and the stress and anguish I felt are slowly going away! The balance I feel now is truly amazing. Even my posture has changed as I’m no longer slouching. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of an MRI that is coming up soon.

Anonymous practice member,
Orange County