Strengthening Immunity

Struggling with autoimmune disease?

When we are in a “constant” state our neurological system and immune system are popping 24/7 until
exhaustion sets in. It is what is known as “fight or flight.” At this moment in time, this is the 21 st model
of living. Neuro and systems overload combined with mega toxicity appears to be a major cause of
disease not only in adults, but in our children as well. The body literally turns on itself as it becomes to
discern the difference between “self” and “threat.” Secondary conditions can emerge such as thyroid
disease, metabolic dysfunction, skin rashes, muscle pain and chronic inflammation. Our approach is to
help connect any underlying neural and structural aberrations that may be contributing to the
autoimmune disease. If you’re struggling with autoimmune disease our approach is to assess for it and
if present, release and reset any underlying neuro/structural energy drain(s) that may be contributing to
the autoimmune disorder.

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