Important Steps to Defend Your Immune System

important steps to defend our immune systems
Research from Health Direct showed that adults commonly get 2-4 colds annually and children have a higher chance of getting sick, up to 5-10 times in the year. Adults are more immune to viruses than children. With the risk of getting sick, especially during times of high stress and anxiety in our bodies, we need to take steps to defend our immune systems, so we can stay healthier.

Keep a consistent vitamin supply

A consistent supply of vitamin B is important for our bodies to stay healthy. This vitamin helps to maintain proper functioning of the heart, is involved in metabolizing energy, enables stress management, and assists with DNA synthesis. Your body is unable to store the majority of B vitamins, which consist of eight different water-soluble vitamins. So, you should make sure you get the right daily amount of vitamin B to help your body function well and defend your immune system. When we are stressed or sleep-deprived, our body’s system gets worn down and we are less immune to viruses, so we can more easily get colds and flu. Daily or consistent exercise several times a week plays an important role in helping defend your immune system. You must limit daily stress and eat a healthy and well-balanced diet that consists of natural supplements with live enzymes. Defend your immune system by taking vitamin D3 which is considered the “sunshine” vitamin. Eat citrus fruits and make sure your multivitamin includes the right daily amount of vitamin C. Another valuable nutrient is fish oil Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to support the brain, heart, and vascular health. Synthetic vitamins contain fillers that defeat the purpose of enriching your life with the right nutrients your body needs. Take natural supplements that have live enzymes but no synthetic fillers or chemicals.

The importance of fresh air and getting outside!

Your immune system can be negatively affected by pollution or harmful solvents in a variety of cleaning products, air fresheners and other things you may not realize can bring on lung issues. You can develop asthma and allergy issues due to air pollution and mold issues. There can be contaminants in your diet or even pollutants in your water that may negatively affect your immune system. Make a difference in how you protect your immune system by getting the right amount of sleep each night, eat a healthy diet rich in natural supplements, and exercise at least 3-5 times a week. When you take preventive measures to defend your immune system, you can decrease your risk of getting colds and the flu. Your autonomic nervous system runs the show. It is the part of your system that runs through all the others. Getting your spine checked on a regular basis supports Immune system health, Cardiovascular health, Digestive health, and emotional health and is an important step to defend your immune system. Activate your Spine and Thrive! As an aside, with the Corona issue, vitamin D with K2, Zinc, Vitamin A, and Camu Camu as a source of Vitamin C will really support your system against this virus.

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