Dr Michael Whelan - Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor

NSA Lecture at Orange Coast College


On Tuesday, May 6th, Dr. Whelan had the pleasure of presenting the concepts of Healing and Network Spinal Analysis at Orange Coast College. Dr. Whelan has been a guest speaker to Barbara Bullard’s classes of Transpersonal Communication for the last 18 years. This year’s lecture was attended by 40 or so students, and Dr. Whelan did not disappoint. The students were attentive supportive and eager to hear of the deeper meaning of healing one’s life from inside out and the role of Energy and Consciousness in the process of Transformation. As he has done in the past,

Dr. Whelan chose a student from the audience to demonstrate the power of this Healing Technology first hand. Other than being in the office and checking spines, Dr. Whelan has a love of teaching the concepts of Healing to any and all willing listeners and this class of young students is truly one of his favorite groups. Should you have a group who would be interested in learning more about Health, turning stress into growth, Detoxification, enhancing your Immune system, and keeping your Brain healthy, let us know. We use the latest cutting edge Technology in our office to keep your Body/mind and Spirit Vibrating at their highest Levels.



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