Your Body at Peace

your body at peace
We are vibrational beings whose physical structure needs to be coherent, harmonic and cooperative.  The mechanism of what leads to most disease is the degradation and loose of any of those three properties.  Our nervous system, which consists of our high brain, midbrain and lower brain (spinal cord) and the peripheral nerves which exit the lower brain, sends a signal, vibrational waves, and electrical impulses out to every cell in our body.  The central nervous system also receives information from the body and sends these signals to our higher brain.  The fuse box between our high and midbrain and our body is our spine.  This is where much of the interference to the brain/ body communication takes place.
Your brain/body communication must be efficient to have longevity and greater health.  Research has demonstrated that people receiving Network Spinal Analysis enjoy a higher quality of life in the form of less pain, more joy, increased energy, improved posture, sleep better, less anxiety improved digestion and enhanced mental clarity and creativity.  Most folks under network care develop new strategies for adapting to stress which helps decrease inflammation and can aid in tissue repair and enhanced immunity.  If you have a significant health condition currently or just wish to participate more in your life with greater energy and vitality Network Spinal Analysis may be the ticket.  If you have received care in the past and want to be reminded how good you felt or wish to start care for the first time, call us at our new office.

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